Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rescue & Recovery Linux

Just an update to an earlier post about rescue CD's. I am continuing to work on mine, to the detriment of other more practical projects. :-)
My build script continues to improve, now automatically blanking and burning a CD from the generated iso if desired. Yeah, I know there are lots of programs out there to make live CD's, but I got started on this one and anyway it's good experience and shell scripting practice.

I think the CD is quite usable now, but I keep improving it and fixing small bugs. This takes a surprising amount of tweaking and troubleshooting. I run the live CD on a test system and use it's own utilities to do most of this. I am building it now on a 2400Mhz system, but plan to move the build process to one with a 3200Mhz CPU. The build takes 30-40 minutes now, so that should go down quite a bit on the faster system which is dual core.

It's grown to 622MB unfortunately, but I plan on paring it down some, even as I add more documentation. Some of this size is because I leave most of the reference material and some programs in binary (including some Windows apps) and .deb format outside the compressed squashfs so they are available without booting the live cd, even on Windows.
Anyway, here is a screen shot:


  1. About a week ago when I accidentally deleted my files I used Stellar Phoenix Linux Recovery Software . Thanks to this product otherwise I would have lost too much..

  2. Thanks for the comment, and link. Someone may find it useful. I tend to use open source/free software if at all possible. Just yesterday I had a repartitioning go bad and had to recover my main partition. I used "dd", "testdisk" and "gparted" on my Rescue & Recovery Linux Live CD to fix it.

  3. I looked but didn't see R&R Linux at Distrowatch. You might consider releasing it to the public if you haven't already, I'd be interested in having a copy.

  4. No, you won't find it on Distrowatch. It's just a personal project. If anyone wants to try it though, I will try to provide an ISO.

  5. Hi

    Be interested in downloading your R&R .iso

    Please advize

    Thanx bunches

    All the best

  6. Thanks for your interest. I would appreciate your feedback. As soon as I have a chance I will create a release iso and post a link to download.

  7. please add me to your list for when an iso is available. it's hooly((at)) (again). many thanks.

  8. Development on this rescue CD has stalled as I worked on other projects, including my clipboard manager. I will have to re-evaluate it's usefulness vs the time investment, in light of the existing ones out there.