Tuesday, July 22, 2008

News & Views

Ubuntu now available retail at Best Buy and Amazon. Includes CD, a quick start guide and 60 days of tech support. If you are new to Linux this is a good way to get started.
Ubuntu Linux (or search for others in our online store)
(installing kubuntu-desktop will make it effectively Kubuntu, if you prefer)

Some very interesting articles crossed my path today, including this one quoting a prominent kernel developer:

“Linux supports more different types of devices than any other operating system ever has in the history of computing.”
Missing Drivers Myth

A short, very well written post about a users conversion to Linux, and it's benefits: http://UncleMellow.blogspot.com/

"Nobody knows yet what the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) will consist of, but the few available indications are so ominous that the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has started a campaign to raise public awareness of the possibilities."

"Intel snubs Microsoft; offers Linux certification"
It's good to see Intel doing more to support Linux, but I still root for AMD. Competition brings innovation and lower prices. I would hate to think what we would be paying for Intel CPU's now if not for the existence of AMD and other competitors. I just wish they weren't promoting Vista on their home page!