Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I'm Reading Today

Lots of interesting articles today!

Opinion: The antibiotics that could kill you»
 Everything You Need to Know About Optimizing Your Wi-Fi in One Video

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! — The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python

School of Open teaches Creative Commons licenses and more |

The Linux Rain»

Even the most secure cloud storage may not be so secure, study finds»

Build tic-tac-toe with Kivy | Linux User»

Quantum Cryptography | Linux Journal

The high value of an open source community |

The Biggest Myths About Cutting the Cable Cord

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What I'm Reading Today

I have been thinking for a long time of sharing on this blog interesting or important technology articles that I read. Of course these are very personal, subjective choices, but linking here does not necessarily mean I agree with the opinions presented.
Today will be the first of a semi-regular feature. Let me know if you find it useful.

OpenSSL and Linux: A Tale of Two Open-Source Projects

Open source trounces proprietary software for code defects, Coverity analysis finds

Is the U.S. losing the tech race?,0,120851.story

The Heartbleed drama queens

Heartbleed: Security experts reality-check the 3 most hysterical fears

Open source comes to farms with restriction-free seeds